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Youth Centre

Our youth centres welcome 10 - 17-year-olds who are subject to academic, family and social pressures. We intend to help children excel academically, learn new skills that are not covered under school curriculum & promote pro-social behaviour. This will ensure children will have a smooth transition into adulthood, with strong support from Cryptomnia Foundation.

Our approach delivers a proactive response to the difficulties the child is facing, by preventing them from letting their circumstances stand in the way of their personal development & success. Cryptomnia will work with the youth to identify their needs, establish their ambitions and develop a plan to achieve their full potential in all aspects of life.

Education is an excellent way of ensuring success in adulthood. However, we understand that not every child can excel academically, due to a variety of problems they may be facing, i.e. permanent school exclusion. In these instances, our youth centre services will aim to establish the given child's interests & help guide them into a career which aligns with their interests. 

Our youth centres will be targeted towards economically deprived areas, as these communities would benefit most from the foundation's efforts. The initial impact delivered will demonstrate a decline in anti-social behaviours, juvenile crime rates & gang activity in the surrounding neighbourhood of the given centre. Once our youngest members have reached adulthood, the impact Cryptomnia youth centre has had on them will enable those individuals to provide a positive impact in their community, economically & socially. 

To find out more about the impact our youth centres strive to achieve, please download our research paper below. 

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