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Health Care

In some areas of the world, society does not carry the burden of worrying about health care expenses as its paid for through taxation, employment benefits and other means. On the opposing side of the spectrum, we find countries, where health care comes as a cost to the individual & the common theme in these scenarios, is that the cost of the health care is too high for the majority of people to be able to afford it comfortably. 

For instance, in India, on average, a household spends 60% of its income on medical care and treatment. This level of expenditure can leave low-income families with a tough choice to make, go without medical treatment and fund children's education or seek medical assistance and not educate their youth.


The Indian government has identified a requirement for healthcare services in their Tier 2 & Tier 3 cities, which are surrounded by a primarily rural population. In these areas, Cryptomnia believes having health care centres in each village with a specialist characteristic is most the most efficient way to deliver care, as this creates a health care network between neighbouring villages covering all forms of specialised care. It also allows the rural population to access health care services quickly, in comparison to health care being provided in one facility located in a main city setting.

Initially we will aim to deliver care through "pop-up health camps" in rural areas, offering basic care such as optometry, dental & general health checks. This will also help us assess the care needs of a given demographic & identify any patterns in ailments, which will allow us to tailor the Cryptomnia health network to best suit the needs of local residents. 

While cryptomnia provides care through the aforementioned "pop-up health camps", the foundation will divert its focus to building a network of health care centres in the appropriate areas. Once these health care centres are fully functioning, residents will be offered health care at an affordable price.


To find out more on how our health care model works, please download the cryptomnia health care plan.

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