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Our Vision

Cryptomnia is the worlds first cryptocurrency backed non-profit foundation, to solely invest in economically deprived areas on a global scale, in sectors such as health care, education & renewable energy. Through this strategic socioeconomic investment approach, we will better the lives of lower-income households by providing access to essential services and creating new employment opportunities. 

Our main goal is to create a positive impact on society by investing our funds donated to us by the Omnia network and reward our miners with the profits generated. Cryptomnia believes in decentralisation & transparency, which is why our community will vote on and suggest projects they think should be funded alongside a plethora of additional benefits 





Redistribute Wealth


Fair access to services



Protect the planet

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The Omnia DAG network, which is based on the successful IOTA tangle network. The Direct Acyclic Graph (DAG) network is unlike the blockchain, DAG chains secure data by referencing previous transactions created by other users of the network. Block-less networks do not face scalability issues and are reliant on its community to verify transactions before them, which ultimately reduces wait time and transaction cost.

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The community will have the power to vote on projects to invest in, propose new projects and elect a community board member. Community members will also benefit from work opportunities on cryptomnia projects, or becoming a community developer to help strengthen the network. To be a part of the community, the only requirement is to have a Cryptomnia Wallet.

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We believe it is important for us to abide by a core set of ethics to maintain a consistent delivery of operation throughout the foundation. Some of our most important ethics can be found below, but for a more indepth insight please visit our Code of Ethics page

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Cryptomnia believes transparency is an imperative part of building a successful platform to make changes within society. It is for this reason that we have adopted a 100% transparency policy, which allows community members to audit the foundations financial activities. More information on our transparency pledge can be found here.

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As Cryptomnia is a non-profit foundation, we do not seek to make profits for our board members or founders. Our profits generated from projects will be redistributed to employees of the relative projects & our miners. If we have a surplus of profits left after the above process, we will ask the community which project they would like the surplus funds to be allocated to. 

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One of our code of ethics is to allow no room for corruption within the foundation and its projects. To combat this we have put in place measures such as the ability for community members to verify project progress & the requirement of employees to hold wallets to minimise risk of embezzlement and fraud. More information on the above can be found here. 

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