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About Us

Cyrptomnia Foundation strives to raise the standard of living through our strategic impact investment model, which aims to bridge the wealth gap between the developing and developed countries. Our primary mission is to create ecosystems for communities in both developed and developing economies through specific social projects. With this goal in mind, we endeavour to pursue a model of equality and transparency, where the cryptomnia community/wallet holders can appoint a board-level representative to convey the communities thoughts and vote on the communities behalf.

Cyptomnia operates as a non-profit organisation, that uses foundation funds to impact the lives of others positively. We aim to achieve this positive impact through 2 channels, the first as mentioned above is impact investment and the second is redistribution.

Cryptomnia coins will be minted on the Omnia DAG network, which is based on the successful IOTA tangle network. The Direct Acyclic Graph (DAG) network is unlike the blockchain, DAG links secure data by referencing previous transactions created by other users of the network. Block-less networks do not face scalability issues and are reliant on its community to verify transactions before them, which ultimately reduces wait time and transaction cost.​


Clients using the Cryptomnia platform will be utilizing the Omnia DAG network. Consensus management on the Omnia network requires each new transaction to reference and verify at least 2 previous transactions & (if) any surplus created will be distributed retrospectively. To raise the standard of living in the community, network users must validate transactions and in return will be eligible for remuneration. 

Meet the Team

Meet the people passionate about bringing Cryptomnias vision to life

Amar Modhvadia

Founder & CEO

Amar is an entrepreneur with over 10 yrs experience in agriculture, private healthcare & technology.


Having studied economics and being an avid technology enthusiast, Amars goal is to now build a secure & sustainable economic network powered by cryptomnia. 

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Raj Modhvadia

Founder & COO

Raj has over 8 years of experience within the tech, focusing primarily on software development.

Raj's main goal is to bring the cryptomnia foundation to success & to increase the quality of life for all of humanity, through the Cryptomnia Foundation. 

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