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Bounty Programmes

Cryptomnias bounty programme seeks to offer a chance for community members to get involved in improving the cryptomnia network, verifying project progress & conducting specific skill based tasks. The idea is that for the work carried out by the community member, they will win the bounty &/or earn a relative share of the total bounty set. 

In the following example, we will simulate how a bounty with minimal skill requirement would work. When a cryptomnia project is launched, the foundation will map out a realistic timeline of goals the project is required to meet in order to release the next phase of funding. During the planning process the foundation will also allocate funds to a budget for the bounty programme. So lets say the project just reached its goal of complete water system installation in a facility, this would trigger the bounty thus allowing limited independent local community members experienced in construction to visit the project & verify the progress on behalf of the community. The community members would then earn their share of the bounty, upon successful verification & release of funds. The main benefit in this example would be that the community members can be satisfied that the progress of the projects are being monitored regularly by fellow members. 

There will also be a bounty fund in place for community members who find & report bugs in the cryptomnia network, to enable us to strengthen the efficiency and security of the network. More information on current bounties would appear below, but during the foundations initial start up phase the founders will be entirely devoted to ensuring the goals are being met. 

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