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Youth Centre

Our youth centres welcome 10 - 17 year olds who are subject to academic, family and social pressures. We intend to help children excel academically, learn new skills that are not covered under school curriculum & promote pro-social behaviour. This will ensure children will have a smooth transition in to adulthood, with strong support from Cryptomnia Foundation.

Agriculture plays an important part in our lives, fuelling our bodies to carry out day to day tasks. Countries responsible for a large share of the worlds agricultural needs are not yet equipped with the right methods and equipment to achieve maximum yields on crops. This may be a direct result of farmers not receiving fair pay for the produce they sell, as produce is not directly exported by them, limiting them to local markets. We are currently researching methods to maximise yields organically and increase profits for farmers. 



Recycling our waste materials has been a great option for countries to manage their waste in an eco-friendly manner. However many countries are faced with the problem of not having enough facilities to recycle all of their waste, which then leads to them exporting the waste to other countries. We are currently researching innovative ways to incentivise recycling, encourage domestic recycling & track recyclable waste. 

Water Filteration

Water is a necessity every human has a right to, clean water is difficult to access in developing economies, cryptomnia has identified a need to deliver clean water to as many villages, districts, regions and cities possible. By providing water filtration facilities we aim to increase the quality of life, not only for people but our environment as well. For example wildlife struggling for water during a drought could benefit from our service.

Health Care

Healthcare is a basic & essential human right, yet there are individuals that do not have access to healthcare services. In countries where healthcare is not state funded, over inflated private healthcare costs prevent lower income households from accessing these services. Cryptomnia hospitals will offer healthcare at reasonable cost & help people of all backgrounds gain access to healthcare.

Projects under research

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