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Creating a community environment is imperative to Cryptomnias success. We are placing the power into the hands of our users by providing a platform where they can voice their opinions and vote on specific strategies to help achieve sustainable development goals.


We aim to serve the Community solely and ensure the goals we are striving to achieve, have been collectively agreed upon by our Community. 

Individuals will benefit from being a community member through the following: 

  • Voting on Projects to invest in 

  • Proposing new Projects

  • Suggesting new network/wallet features

  • Ability to audit data to promote transparency

  • Voting to elect a community Board Member 

  • Opportunity to become a community developer

  • Tracking the progress of ongoing projects

The benefits mentioned above will ensure all cryptomnia community members have the right to monitor foundation activity, express their views & find work within Cryptomnia foundation. The only requirement to be a part of the Community is to hold a Cryptomnia Wallet.

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