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Reducing Poverty

We aim to address the growing rate of poverty, by creating occupational and educational opportunities globally while promoting the fair distribution of income.
In pursuit of this objective we hope to see underprivileged households gain the financial freedom to access essential services comfortably.


Raising income

We aim to raise the income of lower income households by investing in underdeveloped communities, creating new job opportunities & maintaining a fair distribution of wealth in all cryptomnia projects. An example of how we strive to achieve this objective is through our youth centre initiative, where we teach children skills to guide them in to a stable career in situations where they can not re-enter mainstream education. Remove?

Access to Education & Healthcare

Access to education & healthcare is an essential factor in ensuring a good quality of life. Access to education will provide students with an excellent opportunity of finding a job within the relevant field, earning a steady income to allow them to access affordable healthcare services, without straining their household finances. This objective will be targeted towards underdeveloped nations where education & healthcare has not reached rural areas.

Eradicate Inequality and Discrimination

Cryptomnia believes all individuals deserve the same chances in life, regardless of your race, gender or sexuality. With this ideology in mind we welcome people of all backgrounds to become members of our community & help implement a positive change on the world. 

Affordable, Clean & Sustainable Energy

Currently our energy is mainly sourced from finite resources and/or through unethical methods & this is completely unnecessary in the 20th Century. We are actively researching ways in which we can provide people with energy globally without having a negative impact on finances and the environment.


Conserving and Protecting the environment

With 90% of plastic waste coming from only 10 rivers (8 of which in Asia) Cryptomnia aims to provide an incentive for people to recycle & clean polluted areas such as river banks and surrounding areas. The collected and sorted waste will then be recycled in to sustainable products. This will help us protect the biodiversity of our planet & combat the the devastating effects of climate change. 

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